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Tell of all His wondrous works!
Psalm 105
Feb. 4, 2024

What is

MCN Sunday?

Invite your congregation – children and adults – to hear and experience stories of God at work around the world and to find their place in these stories. Celebrate a service of mission and witness and teach your children about God’s Mission and their role in it.

Use any or all of these resources to help your congregation:

  • Give thanks for God’s saving work around the world
  • Recognize the call every believer has to share God’s Gospel invitation with others
  • Pray for missions around the world
  • Understand MCN’s mission of Intentional Gospel Proclamation and see how churches and individuals can be involved

Worship Resources

Teaching Resources

Resources for Introducing MCN

Children’s Message Video
What is a missionary? Video
Bilingual Sing-along Videos
Churches Say
Dana Peterson
Christ Lutheran Costa Mesa, CA
Director of Discipleship and Missions

The wide breadth of resources provided were easy to plug and go and also adaptable to fit our particular context. Using the missional prayers even led our leadership to think about ways we can make prayer for missions a part of our regular worship!

Celia Walkowicz​
Our Savior Lutheran Nashville, TN
Director of Children and Youth Ministries

The Sunday school materials were a hit with our pre-k–5th grade students! The videos and visual materials were especially helpful in engaging young learners. Our parent volunteers found the materials easy to use and told me how much they enjoyed watching their kids get excited about global missions as they learned about real people in real places who are sharing the Gospel.

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