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Mission of God Bible Study

This ready-to-use Bible study on the topic of God’s Mission is written by MCN Director John Mehl and includes video from mission partners around the world. With a leader guide, student discussion guide, videos, and PPT, the Bible study is ready to go for a small group or Sunday morning study.





Churches Say
Pastor Crawford
St. Paul Dubuque, IA

It does a great job making biblical theology accessible to everyone. It weaves Scripture passages together in a way that demonstrates clearly God’s grand narrative for humanity. Just going through the very first session has changed the way I preach on mission.

Dana Peterson
Christ Lutheran Costa Mesa, CA
Director of Discipleship and Missions

This study opened up great conversation and strengthened relationships within our church. Participants raised and wrestled with tough questions, a normally quiet church member shared a powerful and emotional personal story of God’s faithfulness, and the group engaged in good conversation around missional perspectives I may have taken for granted but that were new to them.

John Nehrenz
Our Savior Lutheran Nashville, TN
Small Group Leader

Our small group really enjoyed the Mission Of God study we did with our small group at Our Savior Lutheran Nashville this past Fall. We especially enjoyed getting to know some of the folks that shared their story of their missionary journey and relating it to the mission all Christians have in spreading the saving message of Jesus to the world.

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